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For anyone searching the net for an online english course, I highly recommend you invest your time and money in TEFLINK. The design and structure of the online course is by far the easiest to follow. Having looked at a few, the course information is laid out in an uncomplicated manner and more importantly, consolidated with questions. I found the questions extremely helpful in gaining further understanding. The TEFLINK course kept my interest from beginning to end. And probably most importantly, there is a strong and professional after sales service that compares to none.
Scholta Thomas, South Africa


I found the course exceptionally good... as a qualified language teacher I found the activities and tasks very helpful and will definitely incorporate these into my current teaching position. The course gave me great information on teaching a language going beyond my current teacher training.
Lisa Sheridan, Ireland


Thank you for a most enjoyable course. I am looking forward to applying my new knowledge
Charlene Kritzinger, South Africa


Thank You for this great opportunity, I really enjoyed it! Tefl is a great way to learn how to teach and it is also useful to improve our own skills regarding to grammar and all.
Eniko Frenyo, Ireland


May I say I really enjoyed the 140 hours TEFL course and have recommended it to my friends who are teachers, so perhaps they may follow my lead and do the course too.
Millie Govekar, UK


I found it all very useful especially the grammar section and the explanations given for use of different tenses etc. I did find it quite difficult as grammar is not my forte.
Clare McEnroe, Ireland


I write to say that you deserve to be acknowledged for your ongoing excellence and professionalism, and attention to detail. What a pleasure it is doing the TEFL course online, knowing that any queries I have receive immediate attention! Thank you for this much appreciated support and care.

In particular I’d like to mention how effectively your course is set out. The tasks help us to absorb and understand each section, and at the same time they challenge one’s thinking process. Well done to all of you on the TEFLINK Team. And thank you once again for your service excellence. It will become known throughout the internet and facebook and twitter !!!
Bobby Hackland, South Africa


I really enjoy my learning. I am in the middle of the course and so far I can tell that the lectures are very interesting. What I like the most are the explanations, guidance and the possibility to check the progress and the marks. Thank you very much for the opportunity to confirm my knowledge and learn much more from useful tutorials.
Jolan Stefanovic, Serbia


The TEFLINK TEFL Course - 140 hours was exhilarating and way more work than I anticipated which was great. It was really informative and covered everything I should need to know to teach English. The activities were fun and kept me thinking all the time which was great, no boredom or losing interest at all. The fact you could keep abreast of your grades as you went was also very helpful and helped to boost me on. I highly recommend the course. The support received was also exceptional and I thank TEFLINK for their professionalism and a great experience, special thanks to Alex who I felt could have been sitting beside me when I hit the occasional problem. Thank you TEFLINK
Lyn Keane, UAE


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