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The Preppie 60 Hour Cambridge ESOL TKT Preparation Course
60 Hours

Just say the words Cambridge ESOL and your suitability for teaching positions needs no further explanation. This internationally acclaimed Teaching Knowledge Test, TKT, is widely accepted internationally and will give you the edge when applying for your chosen job.

Our TEFLINK 60 hour preparation course gives you all the knowledge and tips you need to confidently take your Cambridge ESOL TKT exam. Our tutors have cleverly arranged the skills you need into 5 clear units, comprehensively covering all areas you’ll be tested on.

The flexibility of taking this prep course online means you can study in your own time, wherever you choose. You can go back anytime and revise and re-read as many times as you like. No need to put your hand up!

Unit 1

  • Language - Grammar
  • Language Lexis
  • Language – Phonology
  • Language – Functions

Unit 2

  • Receptive Skills – Overview
  • Receptive Skills - Listening
  • Receptive Skills - Reading
  • Productive Skills - Speaking
  • Productive Skills – Writing

Unit 3

  • Learners & Learning – Motivation
  • Learners & Learning – Exposure
  • Learners & Learning – The Role of Error
  • Learners & Learning – Learning first and second language
  • Learners & Learning – Learner Characteristics
  • Learners & Learning – Learner Needs
  • Teaching Assessment - Presentation Techniques
  • Teaching Assessment – Practice Tasks
  • Teaching Assessment – Assessment Tasks

Unit 4

  • Lesson Preparation - Lesson Aims
  • Lesson Preparation - The Components of a Lesson Plan
  • Lesson Preparation – Planning a Lesson
  • Lesson Preparation – Choosing Assessment Tasks
  • Lesson Preparation – Choosing Assessment Tasks
  • Using Resources– Supplementary Tasks and Materials
  • Using Resources– Teaching Aids

Unit 5

  • Classroom Language - Teacher and Student Language
  • Classroom Language - Categorising Mistakes
  • Classroom Management - Teacher Roles
  • Classroom Management - Organising Groups and Interactions
  • Classroom Management - Error Correction
  • Classroom Management – Giving Feedback

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