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The Master 140 Hour TEFL Course Plus
140 Hours

Our most advanced course just got better!  You can now upgrade to our Master 140 Hour TEFL Course Plus, what is the Plus I hear you ask.  In addition to our Master 140 hour online TEFL course you'll also have access to our Ultimate TEFL Teacher's Pack which includes five must have e-book resources.

So what's included:

The Master 140 hour TEFL Course: Our most advanced course includes all the knowledge we have to give you. Every concept, every skill, every tip our esteemed professors and tutors have learned over their many, many years experience, you can take away with you here! It’s all been carefully crafted into ingeniously designed modern learning methods to bring you the ultimate TEFL qualifications – the Master 140 hour TEFL Course Certificate. See full course breakdown.

Job Hunter’s Guide: Being prepared for the TEFL job hunt will save you a heap of time and make sure that you are ahead of the game. This 40-page downloadable guide will put you on the path to making the most of your hard-earned qualifications and land you the teaching job that you’re looking for. The guide highlights all of the essential things to think about before choosing a TEFL job destination and what considerations you should take into account. Topics such as health and taxes, paperwork and types of school, salary and qualifications are all addressed. View Sample.

Lesson Plan Pack: With the TEFLINK Lesson Plan Pack to hand, you’ll never be at a loss in the classroom for complete lessons delivered on target and on time every time!  The Lesson Plan Pack is a 121-page downloadable resource jammed with essential classroom material. The 40 lesson plans are designed to make them as accessible as possible. They are numbered 1-40 and cover 11 different topics, from hobbies to holidays. This resource contains a selection of plans that are designed for easy use and that are as adaptable as possible.   View sample.

The Grammar Guide: With this guide you’ll gain the expert knowledge you need to be able to teach the essentials of English grammar confidently and turn grammar from a chore to a pleasure. You’ll cover the basics of English grammar at Elementary and Pre-intermediate levels using The Grammar Guide.  The guide contains ‘how we make it’ and ‘how we use it’ sections for each grammar point that features in the downloadable resource. Included is also a section which shows the most common mistakes that learners make with grammar points, this will help you to be more prepared when teaching it. View sample.

Ready to Roll! 30 Preparation-Free Activities: This downloadable collection of activity instructions will give you the tools to transform your teaching in an instant. This resource offers guaranteed fun and effective hit activities from warmers to roundups.  Ready to Roll! 30 Preparation-Free Activities is a 63-page collection that contains all you need to run 30 of the greatest language teaching activities for any class. Contained in the collection of activities are Icebreakers, Warmers, Fillers, Discussions, Roundups and more. This is a downloadable e-book full of simple ideas that are guaranteed to work.  View sample.

TEFL Professional Development Guide: This guide will help you to identify areas in which you can develop as a teacher making your job more interesting, satisfying and fruitful.  The Professional Teacher’s Development Guide is a downloadable handbook that will point you in all the right directions when it comes to building a successful career as an ESL teacher.  The guide explains the range of TEFL training and qualifications that are available to you as well as looking at different jobs in the world of TEFL. You will learn how to become a happy and energetic force for good in the classroom and beyond. View sample.