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The Master 140 Hour TEFL Course
140 Hours

Our most advanced course includes all the knowledge we have to give you. Every concept, every skill, every tip our esteemed professors and tutors have learned over their many, many years experience, you can take away with you here! It’s all been carefully crafted into ingeniously designed modern learning methods to bring you the ultimate in TEFL qualifications – the Master 140 hour TEFL Course Certificate.

On this course you take the Core Module, the five units of TKT preparation course and all three specialist teaching modules.

Foundations of English Teaching

  • The building blocks of language
  • Grammar fundamentals
  • Practical grammar teaching

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Preparatory Module

These modules of the cover the 5 parts of the TKT test. While you will have to organise your own examination, mastery of the content of these modules will put you in a good position to succeed in the test itself. Find your nearest testing centre.

  • Language Module- Functions, Grammar, Lexis and Pronunciation
  • Language Skills Module- Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing
  • TKT Certificate 1 Module- Learning and Teaching Languages Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 1
  • TKT Certificate 2 Module- Teaching Materials and Lesson Planning Preparation for University of Cambridge TKT Certificate 2
  • Classroom Management Module

Specialist modules

Teaching Juniors and Teens

  • Young Learner fundamentals
  • Challenges in the Young Learner classroom
  • The Magic of Stories
  • Lesson Planning for Young Learners

Higher Level Teaching

  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
  • Business English
  • Preparation for Tests
  • Teaching 1-to-1

Resourceful Teaching

  • Very large classes
  • Teaching in challenging situations
  • Putting the Learner first
  • Cross-cultural issues and behaviour

If you’re looking for a complete change of direction with your career, or you’re committed to strengthening your CV and widening your opportunities in a worldwide market, the TEFLINK 140 hour course is exactly what you need.

This course has it all; it is the complete online TEFL package. 

  • You’ll explore sample lesson plans and download audio lessons and teaching video clips which will be an invaluable resource for your future classroom teaching. 
  • The course designers and support team available to you are fully qualified and experienced teacher trainers who know this profession intimately.
  • You’re guaranteed the highest training standard from a worldwide recognised international organisation.
  • When applying for teaching positions you’ll be topping the list of applicants!

If you’d love all the excitement, intrigue and richness that living abroad brings, don’t delay. Get started right away.

Pop into our virtual student office anytime you’d like some guidance. We’re always happy to help. Find us in your virtual campus. If you’re on the run or having a duvet day, email us directly at info@teflink.co.uk

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