Specialist Online Training
Resourceful Teaching Module
20 Hours

We know you care

If you’ve ever had the urge to help the millions on our planet who’re not as well off as those in the western world, this is one way you can make a significant difference.

To people in developing countries, learning to speak and write English can mean a world of difference. It opens up opportunities they would not be able to consider without a good level of English. You won’t always have access to modern tools and facilities. Resources are often limited and you may have large classes. But we know to those of you who have the generosity of heart to teach in these circumstances, these issues are easily surmountable.


Are you teaching or learning?

The great thing about this kind of teaching is that it teaches you so much. Like how to fine tune your innate teaching ability. How to have a ‘what can we do with what we do have?’ attitude. You’ll develop really valuable life skills that you’ll carry with you forever. And you’ll end every day with a huge sense of fulfillment and reward.

On this 20 hour course you will learn:

  • How to Teach large classes with comfort
  • How to Teach in situations with limited resources
  • About Cultural awareness and Understanding
  • About Learner-based Training

Add richness to your skills and your life. Take this course now.


Pop into our virtual student office anytime you’d like some guidance. We’re always happy to help. Find us in your virtual campus. If you’re on the run or having a duvet day, email us directly at info@teflink.co.uk

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